Winter Code Jam 2020

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It's time for the sixth Python Discord code jam and, this time, the theme is Ancient Technology! With brand-new swag courtesy of Kivy, DigitalOcean, and JetBrains, the Winter Code Jam 2020 runs from Friday January 17 to Sunday January 26, with the contestants competing in teams of four or five for the elusive title of Code Jam Champion.

To celebrate our recent partnership with the Kivy community, the goal of this edition is to build a Kivy application. The creator of Kivy and many of the core developers are members of the community and the winners will be featured on

Are you unsure of what a Code Jam is? Check out our general code jam page.

Sign-ups are closed

The sign-up period for the Winter Code Jam 2020 is over, which means that you can no longer sign up for the Code Jam. You can still take a look at the qualifier to get an idea of the task we asked the participants to complete in order to qualify for the jam. If you want to compete in the next Code Jam, subscribe to the announcements posted in our community by using the `!subscribe` command in the `#bot-commands` channel of our server.

New to Kivy?

Don't worry! This code jam will be the perfect opportunity to get to know one of the hottest, truly cross-platform Natural User Interface frameworks for Python! Kivy runs on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, OS X, and Raspberry Pi and you can run the same code on all supported platforms.

During the event, the Kivy core developers will hang out in the dedicated code jam channels to answer any question you may have and, as always, our helpers will be there to help you with all the other Python-related questions that you want answered.


This year's prize pool includes:

  • $2,000 in DigitalOcean credits
  • 5 JetBrains 1-year any product licenses
  • 5 DigitalOcean t-shirts
  • Python Discord t-shirts
  • Kivy t-shirts

We will award as many Python Discord t-shirts as we can afford! We want to thank all of our generous patrons over at our Patreon account for making this possible. We literally couldn't do this without you!

Sign-up & Qualifier

Note: It is no longer possible to sign-up for the code jam. This paragraph was kept for historical reasons.

To sign up for the code jam, you will have to complete a qualifier assignment. For this edition, you can pick from two alternative qualifier tasks:

  1. Parsing datetime strings (inspired by the `ISO 8601` standard)
  2. A simply Kivy app that allows the user to move around an image

You can find more details, including the deadline and ideal examples, in the qualifier repo.

The complete sign-up process:

Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the code jam before signing up!