Code Jams

The 2021 Summer Code Jam qualifier will open June 21st. Check out the details here.

Each year, we organize a Winter Code Jam and a Summer Code Jam. During these events, members of our community will work together in teams to create something amazing using a technology we picked for them. One such technology that was picked for the Winter Code Jam 2020 was Kivy, a cross-platform GUI framework.

To help fuel the creative process, we provide a specific theme, like Ancient Technology or This App Hates You. At the end of the Code Jam, the projects are judged by Python Discord server staff members and guest judges from the larger Python community. The judges will consider creativity, code quality, teamwork, and adherence to the theme.

If you want to read more about Code Jams, visit our Code Jam info page or watch this video showcasing the best projects created during the Winter Code Jam 2020: Ancient Technology:

Game Jam

The Game Jam is similar to our Code Jams, but smaller in scope. Instead of having to complete a qualifier and being teamed up with random strangers, members of our community can just sign-up individually or pair up with whoever they like.

The participants will have ten days to create a game using the technology we've selected, and drawing inspiration from a provided theme. After the event, a panel of judges will play all the games and select a winner. The top 5 will featured in a special video on our YouTube channel.

The first edition of the Game Jam ran from April 17, 2020 to April 26, 2020.


This event revolves around the annual Hacktoberfest event organized by Digital Ocean. In addition to promoting Hacktoberfest in our community and supporting those who choose to take their first steps into the world of open source, we will also ease our members into contributing to open source by starting a low-entry, beginner-friendly open source project where we will guide our members through the open source process in a safe environment.

The exact form this event will take has not been decided yet, but we'll make sure to keep you updated in our community announcements!

Advent of Code

Each year, many of our members take part of an online coding competition called Advent of Code that takes place in December. Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like, including Python.

During the event, we will open a special discussion channel in which our members can discuss the puzzles and compare their solutions. We will also open a private leaderboard and may even reward the best scoring members on that board with prizes!

However, this event isn't purely competitive. You can also join in just to see how far you'll get, to challenge yourself, as a way of learning Python, or just for the fun of it. In 2019, almost 200 members signed up for our private leaderboard, but many more took on the challenge without focusing on the competitive aspect.


For the past 15 years, PyWeek has been running a bi-annual game jam for the Python language. As of 2020, we are excited to say we are officially partnered with PyWeek to co-run these events.

During each PyWeek event, we open a special discussion channel in which our members can discuss their submissions, meet other participants, and talk to PyWeek staff. The PyWeek organizer, Daniel Pope (@lordmauve) will be present during the entire event to answer questions and post announcements and information in our community.

Unlike our other events, the community will select the winner from all the submissions during PyWeek. We may release YouTube content showcasing the best submissions after the events are finished.