We have a small but strict set of rules on our server. Please read over them and take them on board. If you don't understand a rule or need to report an incident, please send a direct message to @ModMail!

  1. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms Of Service.
  2. Follow the Python Discord Code of Conduct.
  3. Listen to and respect staff members and their instructions.
  4. This is an English-speaking server, so please speak English to the best of your ability.
  5. Do not provide or request help on projects that may break laws, breach terms of services, be considered malicious or inappropriate. Do not help with ongoing exams. Do not provide or request solutions for graded assignments, although general guidance is okay.
  6. No spamming or unapproved advertising, including requests for paid work. Open-source projects can be shared with others in #python-general and code reviews can be asked for in a help channel.
  7. Keep discussions relevant to channel topics and guidelines.

Nickname Policy

In order to keep things pleasant and workable for both users and staff members, we enforce the following requirements regarding your nickname.

  1. No blank or "invisible" names
  2. No slurs or other offensive sentiments
  3. No noisy unicode characters - for example, z̯̯͡a̧͎̺̻̝͕̠l̡͓̫̣g̹̲o̡̼̘ or byte order marks
  4. No nicknames designed to annoy other users

Staff reserves the right to change the nickname of any user for any reason. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in you losing the right to change your nickname. We also reserve the right to discipline users with offensive usernames, regardless of the nickname they're using.


We have a generally no-nonsense policy when it comes to our rules. If you notice someone breaking them, feel free to mention or DM a staff member and we'll try to deal with it as soon as possible.

The possible actions we take based on infractions can include the following:

  • A public verbal or textual warning
  • Forced nick changes, where appropriate
  • A short temporary mute
  • A long temporary mute
  • A kick from the server
  • A temporary ban from the server
  • A permanent ban from the server

While we do discuss more serious matters internally before handing out a punishment, simpler infractions are dealt with directly by individual staffers and the punishment they hand out is left to their own discretion.

If you receive an infraction and would like to appeal it, send an e-mail to [email protected].