Sir Lancebot Environment Variable Reference


The following variables are needed for running Sir Lancebot:

Environment Variable Description
BOT_TOKEN Bot Token from the Discord developer portal
BOT_GUILD ID of the Discord Server
BOT_ADMIN_ROLE_ID ID of the role @Admins
ROLE_HELPERS ID of the role @Helpers
CHANNEL_ANNOUNCEMENTS ID of the #announcements channel
CHANNEL_DEVLOG ID of the #dev-log channel
CHANNEL_COMMUNITY_BOT_COMMANDS ID of the #sir-lancebot-commands channel


Additionally, you may find the following environment variables useful during development:

Environment Variable Description
BOT_DEBUG Debug mode of the bot
PREFIX The bot's invocation prefix
CYCLE_FREQUENCY Amount of days between cycling server icon
MONTH_OVERRIDE Interger in range [0, 12], overrides current month w.r.t. seasonal decorators
REDIS_HOST The address to connect to for the Redis database.
USE_FAKEREDIS If the FakeRedis module should be used. Set this to true if you don't have a Redis database setup.
BOT_SENTRY_DSN The DSN of the sentry monitor.


If you will be working with an external service, you might have to set one of these tokens:

Token Description
GITHUB_TOKEN Personal access token for GitHub, raises rate limits from 60 to 5000 requests per hour.
GIPHY_TOKEN Required for API access. Docs
OMDB_API_KEY Required for API access. Docs
YOUTUBE_API_KEY An OAuth Key or Token are required for API access. Docs
TMDB_API_KEY Required for API access. Docs
NASA_API_KEY Required for API access. Docs
IGDB_API_KEY Required for API access. A Twitch account is needed. Docs

Seasonal Cogs

These variables might come in handy while working on certain cogs:

Cog Environment Variable Description
Advent of Code AOC_LEADERBOARDS List of leaderboards seperated by ::. Each entry should have an id,session cookie,join code seperated by commas in that order.
Advent of Code AOC_STAFF_LEADERBOARD_ID Integer ID of the staff leaderboard.
Advent of Code AOC_ROLE_ID ID of the advent of code role.
Advent of Code AOC_IGNORED_DAYS Comma seperated list of days to ignore while calulating score.
Advent of Code AOC_YEAR Debug variable to change the year used for AoC.
Advent of Code AOC_CHANNEL_ID The ID of the #advent-of-code channel