This page is a curated list of tools that we regularly recommend in the community. If you have a suggestion for something to add to this page, please create an issue in our meta repo, and we'll consider adding it.



The very best Python IDE, with a wealth of advanced features and convenience functions.


The Scientific Python Development Environment. Simpler and lighter than PyCharm, but still packs a punch.


A Python IDE specifially aimed at learning programming. Has a lot of helpful features to help you understand your code.

A free, collaborative, in-browser IDE to code in 50+ languages — without spending a second on setup.



A free Electron-based editor, a "hackable text editor for the 21st century", maintained by the GitHub team.

Visual Studio Code

A fully-featured editor based on Electron, extendable with plugins.

Sublime Text

A powerful Python-backed editor with great community support and a wealth of extensions.


An editor aimed at beginners for the purpose of learning how to code without the distractions more advanced editors sometimes cause. Particularly useful for use with microcontrollers, with built-in tools to interact with Adafruit and Arduino boards.

Google Collab

Google Collab is a high-powered custom version of Jupyter Notebook which supports e.g. !apt-get to install arbitrary Debian packages to the runtime, which is very generous with CPU and memory, and well-integrated with Google Drive. You can share your Collab Notebooks with other people and work collaboratively.