What statistics do we collect?

All anonymous statistics are stored as integers, there is nothing identifiable about them.

Statistic name Value
mod_alerts.{rule_name} Triggers of the mod alert system for a specific rule
defcon.leaves Number of users we turn away because their account is too young
defcon.enabled How long we have enabled defcon for
defcon.threshold The threshold accounts must meet while defcon is on
errors.{error_type} Errors which occur on the bot by name (e.g. errors.missing_required_argument, errors.too_many_arguments)
filters.{filter_name} Similar to mod-alerts, the number of times our filter system triggers for a specific filter
help.dormant_invoke.{claimant/staff} When a user uses the !dormant command in a help channel are they staff or did they claim the channel?
help.total.{in_use/dormant/available} Total of help channels in the respective categories
help.dormant_calls.{auto/manual} When a channel moves to dormant was it moved by a user or because it timed out
help.in_use_time Timing information on how long help sessions last
help.out_of_channel_alerts Number of times we have hit capacity
help.claimed Total claimed channels
channels.{channel_name} Total messages in a channel
messages Total messages in the guild
command.{command_name} Execution count of a command
guild.total_members Number of members in the guild
guild.status.{online/idle/do_not_disturb/offline} Breakdown of the users in the guild by status
tags.usages.{tag_name} Number of times a tag has been used
tokens.removed_{tokens/webhooks} Number of times we've removed a token or a webhook
help.sessions.{answered/unanswered} To try measure effectiveness of the help system, we measure how many channels get closed with no interaction from anyone except the original author and consider these "unanswered"

This list may not be 100% accurate and has to be manually updated.